Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Zoe: Snow good

Sonny woke up crying this morning because he felt so terrible. It was a bit of shock as he seemed to be coping so well with it yesterday but I suppose it is only to be expected with a full 12 hours sleep with no anti-sickness medication. The tears were very big and very real. His beloved Arsenal were due to be visiting the children's ward at our local Hospital and Great Ormond Street today. We'd had the wink weeks ago and both events were confirmed by 'keep it hush' phone calls yesterday, each competing for the presence of the Superfan. I think the staff are more excited than him about finally being able to introduce him to somebody he genuinely cares about (Ruby hasn't quite forgiven him for snubbing the JLS tickets). Thankfully, his heros had a few problems with frozen gates and wheel spinning in the ice and both tours were postponed until the New Year... ding dong!

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