Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sonny: half a day at school

Hurrah! I spent a day well half a day at school today. It was fab I saw everyone in my class, did ICT, went to assembly and did half a lesson of math [it would have been full but I got a bit tired]. In answer to the Question from Nikki I think shannon would find it funny.


  1. That is amazingly great new Sonny what a great start to a great month!!!!

  2. Hi Sonny and Ruby (of course mum n dad)
    Once again i sit down at 9a.m (the quietest part of my day if that is possible!!!!!!)and i catch up with your awsome blog! As ever i am in total admiration of you all and today when i read that you had returned to school i didnt quite manage to swallow that lump!!!! yup, those tears flowed. Everyday my gruesome lot come home and are asked various questions on how their day at school has been i am usually replied with the odd grunt and groan, but whatever sort of day they have i know that lots of their coolest momories will be the time they spent with their buddies, (mum n dad will agree)so it got me thinking that this was a day to celebrate and aknowledge, so a huge hug and well done to all of you, i really cant wait till we see you again. Take care, continue to do so well, luv n hugs, Claire, Lee,Hayley, Laura, Lucy and OliviaXXXXXXXXXXXX