Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Zoe: Home in time for Christmas

Yippee... Sonny was allowed home today. All his blood cultures were negative so he has just come home with some antibiotics and instructions to come back in if he spikes a high temperature again or starts to feel unwell. All his blood counts are showing that things are back on the climb so he should hopefully be ok now until after Christmas.
Meanwhile, I found this note in Ruby's school bag today. We can never underestimate the effect all of this is having on her. Despite trying to keep things normal she couldn't help be alarmed by Sonny and I rushing out the door on Saturday night during the much anticipated Xfactor final... Simon, here's your superstar.


  1. Oh my Zoe and Gavin you have one an amazing daughter too. Sonny is one lucky brother to have a sister who would give up all her presents to have him annoy her :)
    Can I also say wow her hand writing is better than mine!!! I can tell she is top of the class at school Santa will definitely be coming to YOU Ruby x x x

  2. What a classy daughter you have.That will certainly go in the box us mum and dads keep forever!!!!!! Love u all loads so glad soony is home and looking forward to xmas at home.ClaireXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Dear Zoe,

    I spoke to Jane today and heard about Sonny. I am wishing you all well and thinking of you. I hope 2010 is a good year for you and your lovely family.

    Love from Clare (from the childrens house)