Saturday, 26 December 2009

Gavin: Elementary, my dear Watson.

It was a busy day yesterday. Having bought Sonny Lego Rock Band for the wii, we then had to go out to find the guitar and drum set as we didn't realise you needed them to actually play it. This confusion around the technicalities of modern gaming means I have officially become a parent, having embarrassed conversations with eye-rolling youths in GAME as they explained I could use World Tour kit on Rock Band but not vice versa or something*. After purchase, we went to the cinema with our friends to watch the first showing of Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, not understanding the technicalities of boxing day viewing either, this was sold out, which meant we all had to go and see Alvin and the Chipmunks II. The kids thought it was brilliant but I started self harming after 40 minutes.
Anyway, we got home, set everything up and, as you can see, Slash and John Bonham rocked out. Their group is called The White Trousers. Thank you and goodnight London.
* please call GAME customer services for a full explanation or pop into your local store.

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  1. that reminds me of the christmas i got an Atari game console - without the crucial lead into the back of the TV. I spent the whole day sulking when i could have been playing electronic tennis (or squash - the choice was endless) Gavin - you ARE my dad...