Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sonny: I still hate pet scans

I still hate pet scans. I had to l lie still for 45 minutes then in the scanner i collapsed to tears when I became sweaty and a headache struck. I thought it had finished after I ran through the machine a first time but I was too tall for the scanner so they had to take me out and flip me round to do the scan from the knees down. After that they still weren't done. I had moved my head the first time round so they had to put my head in a holder to keep it still. At last I was done I jumped down and went to the car we dropped dad of at work then went to PIZZA EXPRESS. I had a margerita with ham and olives plus 5 dough balls. Then mum wanted to get some wrapping paper and crackers so we went to butlers and paperchase. On our way out of butlers it started to snow we had to fight our way to paperchase and when we left it had stopped. This was my log thank you.


  1. Dear Anderson family,

    Wishing you a very warm and cosy and hospital-free christmas holidays, will be thinking of you, love from Agent N and family

  2. PET SCANS - horrid! Totally with you on this one... not a great thing to experience. Reuben had to have one when he was 1 year old because of the tumour behind his eye (threats of it growing in to the brain). Thank God he fell asleep 10 minutes before it was due as they would have had a challenge keeping him still, never-mind me and Rob.
    Thinking about y'all. Good to see you at School too - don't want to ask "how you are" as follow this Blog anyway and I am sure you're probably bored of everyone tripping out the same words?! x Hope you have a wonderful Chrimbo. Salli, Reuben and Orlando xx

  3. PS Orlando (4 years old) saw this piccy of you and said "Why is Sonny going in to a washing machine?" x