Sunday, 13 December 2009

Gavin: The bedside blog

It seems a long time since I've painstakingly tapped one of these entries out on my phone but here we are, once again in the warm but saggy bosom of the Wittingdon hospital. Sonny is doing fine. His temperature and headache have levelled out and they have stuffed him full of antibiotics and tamilflu despite putting him through the jabs a few weeks back. A chest Xray has come back clear for infection so this looks like a classic case of febrile neutropenia where we'll never know just what made him hot and feel grolly. Fingers crossed his bloods won't show anything to the contrary and he'll be home midweek. Meanwhile, we're listening to the big Arsenal Liverpool clash on the radio as the Wittingdon doesn't have sky sports. The cheek.


  1. Thinking of you Sonny, hope your back at home soon x

  2. Hi Sonny and Ruby, Thinking of you always, Looking forward to hearing your back home very, very soon.L,C,H,L,L,and O. xxxxxxxxxxxx