Thursday, 24 December 2009

Gavin: HbO, HbO, HbO...

It's 5pm on Christmas Eve and we've just had the call about his blood results which show (drum roll)... they're all fine. This means there's no need for him to go in for a transfusion over Christmas and, unless he gets ill, we've four definite days off.
It's great news as, after his reaction to the new chemo at the start of the week, we had visions of santa having to drag his sizable sack to the Wittington which would have been a barrel of laughs.
In other news, out best friends are joining us for Christmas day. She has breast cancer and is currently Neutropenic due to her chemo (click here for an explanation). As her parents have colds, she couldn't go to them. To be honest, we're delighted as we couldn't think of anyone better to share our day with. I may have to give up the wishbone though.
Merry Christmas you lot. We hope yours is as special as ours.

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  1. Have a fantastic Christmas! Lots and lots of love, The Brindles