Sunday, 6 December 2009

Gavin: Fun raising

We decided at the start of this blog that we wouldn't use this site for charitable purposes. After all, it's up to you who you donate too (I still have a direct debit to Shelter as there are plenty of homeless people out there). But, I wanted to test out hosting youtube videos which meant I had to choose between this or evil eye baby (google it, it's well funny).
Anyway, this seemed a good choice. It's got The Mighty Arsenal™ in it, Bacary Sagna who Zo fancies a bit, and it's all about GOSH. The only way it could have been more relevant is if the costumes had been made out of cake by the Masterchef judges.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sonny this is louis.

    i like your you tube clip its really funny. I'm offschool today cos my cold is bad so it was a good job we didnt visit althoh it wuld have been fun to see you.

    get well soon louis.