Sunday, 20 December 2009

Gavin: A brrrrrrrriliant day

My mum's just rung which is usually a good sign that I've forgotten to blog. Fortunately, there's nothing really to report as Sonny's blood counts are back up and he's doing fine. He was taken out yesterday by one of his mates' parents to the theatre which he really, really enjoyed. I didn't much, but Zo convinced me we had to let him go. She was right as usual as not only was it a great performance, he felt independent not having us shepherding his every move. And of course, the parents where brilliant looking after him.
Tomorrow is a big day. We get the results of his PET scan plus he starts his new protocol of chemo so we won't know the side effects this one will bring. I'll make sure I blog tomorrow and let you all know.
Stay warm people, it's cold out there.

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