Saturday, 12 March 2011

Zoe: Weekend Ranting

Its taken 24 hours of ranting and negotiation to get a blood transfusion organised for Monday at UCH. Sonny's hb needs to be around 12 for radiotherapy and its fallen below 10 so he needs a blood transfusion. However, despite these being pretty routine for us now its been like pulling teeth today to get one organised with UCH (who are presently in charge of his care) not quite grasping 'the child first and always' motto of GOSH. Baring in mind that he's attending hospital 5 days a week it seem a little unfair to drag him into the Whittington on a Sunday for a 6 hour procedure.   Some silly doctor tried to fob Gav off with some idiotic nonsense today hoping that he'd believe his bullshit... oops.

1 comment:

  1. .... and well done for that 'oops' ! - how long does it take to get a medical degree?!

    love Mandy Dave and kids x