Saturday, 19 March 2011

Zoe: Comic Relief

Ruby's school was closed today so she joined us for our daily schlep to UCH for radiotherapy. Both kids insisted on painting their noses red for Comic Relief. Ruby couldn't dress up as she had an audition later on in the West End (natch) but Sonny insisted on wearing pyjamas although it didn't quite have the LOL response seeing as we were in a hospital. Doh! I thought the whole thing was hilarious.


  1. I know you are amazing Sonny, as are your mum, dad and Ruby but after having to spend a mere 4 hours in A&E tonight (Andrews broken his thumb!!) They wanted to admit him and plate it under GA!! I just thought how was I going to get to Surrey without him tomorrow- how were we going to jiggle things and how depressing a place it was to be.It just made me think just how amazing you have been and are still being!! Then on chatting to a guy whilst there who had parkinsons and him telling me about his scan recently on his brain that he had to stay still for 45mins but couldn't even with valium, I had great pride in telling him about an amazing little boy that could do that and for even a much longer time. You are all truly inspiring to us,. hope you've had aeasier remainder of the day, its lovely to hear that you are chirpy Sonny.
    By the way they had a second try a re aligning Andrews thumb and fortunately we came home with him (what a lovely feeling that was to.)
    Love to you all xxxx

  2. Look I may be the only one that doesn't get this, but is there really a wrong and a right ear for the stethoscope? I have been thinking about this rather trivial point for a day or two, but it has me do you tell which is the right ear for a stethoscope?
    love to you all
    David (and Becky, although she may know the answer) xxx