Sunday, 6 March 2011

Zoe: Drum Roll

Round of applause for Sonny.  In spite of having shocking diarrhoea and throwing up his NG tube late this afternoon he's managed to stay at home. It sounds like he's had a terrible day but he really hasn't. Despite all the above he's feeling ok and he's been in really good spirits. We are so relieved that we didn't start the antibiotics. We'd never be so maverick to take any risks with him but I think waiting was a good call last night and we couldn't have done that without the trust of the Whittington. His temperature hasn't gone above 37.6 and as long as we keep on top of his fluids we know he'll be ok. Its tricky being at home when he's so poorly however, we've learnt a lot along the way and know when and when not to panic so for now we are happy muddling through.

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  1. I think muddling through is the way to do everything - keep up the good muddling x x x mark - ibiza