Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Gavin: Just giving

We've never wanted this blog to be about forcing charity down people's throats and, about a year ago I took the decision not to publicise my Sister's Marathon on here because I thought that this would be over in a few months and despite her huge undertaking of running 26 miles, it didn't really matter as she'd manage it no problem and boys that are only weeks away from getting better don't need charity do they, right?
Wrong. It's difficult to describe the feelings you have when the Anthony Nolan Trust sit you in a room and explain that they're doing everything they can to find a donor but there's no guarantee. It's probably harder to be on the ward with the parents who didn't find a donor to be honest.
Andy Bamford is the Managing Director of ThirtyThree in Bristol and Richard Clark is the Finance Director in London. Both are running the Marathon on behalf of Anthony Nolan and you can donate to either of them here:
I think it's appropriate now to say please give generously. Although give more to Clarky as at least he'll finish.

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  1. I followed a link to your blog from Bamf's 'I'm-not-middle-aged-honest' marathon email, just to have a quick look. Two hours later I was still rooted to the sofa, having giggled and wept in equal measure. I'm sure you hear words like inspiration and bravery on a daily basis (or at least you should) and perhaps sympathy gets a bit waring after a while. I just wanted to say that as well as being a star pupil, your boy is a brilliant teacher. In around two hours, he's taught me not to grumble when I take the kids to the park and it's a bit cold, or to groan when they pick up yet another cold from nursery, but to truly live in the moment you're in and make the very best of it.

    Every possible wish to Sonny for a full recovery soon.