Saturday, 5 March 2011

Zoe: Saturday Night Fever

Sonny was a little red cheeked when I left the house this morning to begin Ruby's marathon of activities. I got a text from Gav around 4.30pm saying that his temperature was up to 37.7 and he'd had five bouts of diarrhoea. After several phone calls, one of which is now to UCH to add to the complications we decided that we had no option other than to take him to The Whittington to get checked over. Sonny was very upset and even more so when his temperature reached 38.5, the point where a 48hour dose of antibiotics is the only course of action. However, the nurse that took the temperature was a little slack in telling the doctor so by the time things started to get moving I noticed that Sonny had become a little chattier and dare I say it, a tad demanding in his wants from home... The thermometer showed his temp was on the way down and as soon as it got below 38 he was allowed home. And thats where we hope to stay.

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  1. We hope you stay at home too.all the s@@@we have to deal with pales into insignificance compared to you guys.I think sonny would be disappointed to know, thanks to my daughters, I have to watch "wild at heart" every week. Cue cod south African accents all round.xxxx