Monday, 21 March 2011

Zoe: Ohhh Matron!

Sonny's got just one week left of radiotherapy. I think they'll be pleased to see the back of us quite frankly. The hospital's Matron rang to get my side of things following a near meltdown from me on Friday. She was really lovely actually and very sympathetic to our frustration over the drama of trying to get a blood transfusion, the argy bargy over where he's going to be having his immunoglobulin and finding out from an administrator that he's got Paraflu. At least this explains the cough.  The radiotherapy is making him extraordinarily tired. I think the word is fatigued. Daily its a constant battle to get enough fluid into him but today the sun shone and that makes everyone feel better doesn't it.


  1. Hey Zoe, how are the spring bulbs that you planted coming along?
    I think they deserve a blog update...
    Wishing you Sunny Love for you all

  2. Flowers are lovely however I think a secret and powerful cocktail of strength, love and admiration (and perhaps a generous dash or two of vodka, rum or absinthe) is travelling down the ether... .
    Thinking about you guys even though feel totally estranged now :( Your collective determination to secure the best treatment for Sonny is truly amazing... No surprise on occasional meltdowns, can't imagine how tough it is - especially as you know the ropes so can understand when things should be better and quicker and that must be a real head fuck.
    I hope that you all get the reprieve and results that all of us wish to hear so badly. XX