Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Zoe: Really Great Great Ormond Street

Sonny was seen back at the BMT clinic at GOSH today. It felt like he'd been away for ages and although they were all very lovely at UCH it was a relief to be back amongst some familiar faces. Although clinically he seems to be improving theres still plenty to worry about day to day. His blood pressure is way too high and his bloods are very low again despite the transfusion on Friday and additional platelets yesterday which is all a bit mysterious. Its too early for news on how successful his radiotherapy has been and until these results his next course of treatment is still very much open to debate. For now we'll let the doctors battle it out. He's home and happy which'll do for  us.

(Thank your mum for tonights title Louis ;)

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  1. He says 'pleasure dudes and can I please see Sonny sometime soon so I can build lego and fire nerf darts at it'. Thinking of you all heaps and can't wait until 10th July Lottie xx