Monday, 14 March 2011

Zoe: Sniff

Sonny's got a cold. He hasn't had one for years and on top of everything else its making him feel really grotty. Although forbidden (as it masks a temperature) I managed to beg some paracetamol from our kind and practical Macmillan Nurse. I really hope he wakes up feeling a little better as he's planning a trip to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as a little reward for scoring 100% in one of his entrance exam papers... Not only is he gorgeous but he's a genius to boot.


  1. 100%!! Congratulations to Sonny. I knew he would do it. Sorry he's got a cold but I'm sure the doughnuts will help get rid of it Love Jane x

  2. Brilliant! you tuck in to those doughnuts, well deserved.xxxxx Claire B. xx

  3. OMG. that is truly amazing - He'll have offers streaming in. what a guy xxxx

  4. That's brilliant. I don't know anyone who scored 100% - what a superstar.
    My favourites are the coffee iced doughnuts with toasted nuts...
    Sue Bxx