Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Zoe: Waiting Room

Sonny has now been back in hospital a week. Its been a strangely uneventful time which in many respects is a relief but also hard to get our heads round too. It feels strange to know that the disease is coursing through him and this time we just have to sit back and let things slowly unfold. They don't want to give chemo as this will stop the donor cells from working so its just a matter of riding the waves of temperature and all that comes with it waiting for the arrival of GVHD. He feels really lousy today so something might be happening... I possibly suspect it might be. He doesn't seem to be getting dramatically worse disease wise so there could be some kind of magical fight happening in there... who knows. No one here thats for sure but lets wait and see what Santa brings.

1 comment:

  1. Hoping that Santa brings you the present you all so dearly want and so deserve after all this time.
    Thinking of you all, lots of love Kelly, Jason + Lucas xxx