Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Gavin: Tuesday

Sonny's temperature going up and down is a sure sign of something wrong. Normal illnesses will grow a temperature and sustain it until action is taken. Bouncing around from 36.3º to 37.8º may sound marginal but to us it's the equivalent of a large sign saying 'Yep, pack a bag'.
So after having his immunglobulin at the Wittington today and rocketing up to 39.5º the decision was taken to start intravenous antibiotics and keep him in. Zoe has done an amazing job of hustling the right people at GOSH to get a PET scan organised soon that will tell us what we probably already know... his disease has flared up again.
We could be wrong. He's got a cold, it could be GVHD or it could be a reaction to to immunoglobulin. But to be honest,  the straw jar we've been clutching at was empty some time ago.
Here we go again. Wish him luck.

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  1. obvious thing to say but we are really really hoping for GVHD. love you lots xxxx