Thursday, 23 December 2010

Gavin: Results

Sonny had a lumbar puncture today which has shown he has contracted Meningitis. As you can imagine this is a huge shock. They have started treatment and, despite feeling obviously terrible he is stable. We now sit and watch to see what happens next.


  1. Can't believe I'm reading this, but glad you are at GOSH and really hope that treatment is kicking in quickly and you are able to get some rest tonight.
    Wishing you better Sonny.
    Clare, Herbe & Bessy

  2. Please someone give this boy a break. Can't believe this news. Hope the treatment starts working quickly and he starts to feel a little better. Lots of love Jason and Kelly

  3. There are a lot of us out there following this blog and praying ever day that Sonny gets better soon. What I have learnt is that he is a true fighter and braver than I could ever be, and gets on with it. He is a true inspiration and can't wait to see him playing for the Gunners soon.
    Thoughts are with you all xxxx

  4. We are all thinking about you Sonny and know you can beat this xxxx

    Hello Sonny,
    Its Eva here just to say I am thinking about you and I think you are extemely brave.
    Eva xxx

  5. Just can't believe this has happened. Thinking about you all and hoping Sonny's feeling well enough to enjoy his presents tomorrow. Tell him he's the bravest boy ever. And you are the bravest family. Love from Jane (the hospital teacher) x

  6. I have been following this blog pretty much since it started (client of Sian's)and my heart goes out to you all - Sonny is an incredibly brave boy with a wonderful family - praying and hoping for some good news very soon.
    My thoughts are with you all x x x