Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Zoe: Knife Edge

Its been a hellish 24 hours. In fact, too awful to go into much detail.

Sonny's had another seizure.
It was a shock and really scary.

He had a reaction to the anti-seizure medicine.
It was really scary.

He had to have a CT scan.
Waiting for results is scary.*

More tests follow. They are not nice tests. He has to have his head wired up to a machine. He has to have a lumber puncture which hurts and involves a general anaesthetic.
Ouch and more scary waiting for results.

His temperature is really high.
Its vile watching your child be so ill. Its traumatic making him have these tests.

It will be Christmas soon.
All the doctors will be at home pulling crackers and watching EastEnders.

The PlayStation internet connection has stopped working.
The people who can fix it won't be back until January.**

*So far all results are negative and he's showing no signs of neurological damage.
** This is all Sonny cares about no matter how rubbish he's feeling.


  1. what a shit shit terrifying day. I really hope tomorrow is a better one for Sonny, for all of you. we are thinking about you all the time. bloody internet - of all things. xx Lisa and Ed

  2. I really hope that tomorrow is easier for all of you... and that Sonny does not have to endure any more tests.. I hope Santa brings you all home for xmas... Sending you lots of love.. xx Nat xx

  3. Thinking of you all so much. Lots of love. Dawn

  4. Much love to you all. We do not stop thinking about you and wishing you the very best. I hope you are all home for Christmas. Remember to call us if there is anything of any use we can do for you.
    David, Becky and all but especially Harry xxxx