Monday, 27 December 2010

Zoe: 24 hours

It's not been a great 24 hours.
Sonny has grown another lump in his chest and it has partially collapsed his left lung.
He is on oxygen all the time and he's incredibly tired and isn't having a very nice time.
Sonny's temperatures are being controlled and despite the oxygen requirement his stats are stable.
When he's awake he's making sense and there are small moments when our boy is back in the room.
The new lump could be disease. The new lump could be an infection (not likely given the antibiotics). The new lump could be the graft fighting his disease. No one can be certain. The only certainty is that if it gets any bigger or if more lumps grow then he's in serious trouble and at risk of going to intensive care. They think that this is on the cards.
However the mass we talked about last week hasn't got any larger. In fact it could be getting smaller which means the donor cells are working and attacking his disease. But again nobody knows and there is no way to know.

Gavin and I have had some incredibly difficult conversations with the team about their realistic expectations. They are incredibly doubtful that it will work... but there is a glimmer that it might.
These conversations are immense and immensely difficult to comprehend and process let alone make decisions.
For now we have to hold our nerve.


  1. Much love to you all, your strength inspires me.

  2. Sonny...I was thinking about you all the way through the Arse game and all I can say is: Ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Nx

  3. Your strength and courage in dealing with all that is thrown at you is incredible - my thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.

  4. hope the next 24 hours brings more positive conversations and that you see a lot more of your lovely boy. thinking of you xxx

  5. Love from down under

  6. Jay and I are following Sonny's news every day, we really feel for you all. We are so so hoping that you get some positive news soon. Lots of love and strength Kelly and Jay xx

  7. As ever we read your blog in awe, and as always we are sending you lots of love and hugs we are wishing that more positive news comes your way. give your kids an enormous kiss from us, loving you guys, claire, lee, hayley, laura, lucy and olivia xxxxxx