Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Zoe: Holding our nerve

Sonny's oxygen requirement has stayed the same which is a good thing and today's x-ray showed no change.  He hasn't eaten anything for over a week now so he was started again on TPN (liquid nutrition) and I'm wondering if this has given him more energy. Today he's been awake for much longer periods and he even managed to build a little bit of Lego and eat a custard cream and a ginger nut biscuit.

One of last nights BMT doctors who has also worked extensively in Infectious Diseases doesn't think he's had/got meningitis. He's more convinced that the seizure and the muddled brain are to do with the DLI. (The Infectious Diseases people would disagree). The methods they are using to treat Sonny are cutting edge and on the extremes of medical possibilities and we are just having to sit tight and go with it, accepting that we may never have all the answers. Before entering into this we were warned that it was going to be bumpy. Its early days but there were less bumps today.

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