Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Zoe: Grumpy old woman

The temperature in Sonny's room was 27 degrees yesterday. Apparently, it takes a patient to say something to get the heating turned off despite the beautiful yellow thing in the bright blue sky and all the windows being flung open. Sorry, do I sound fed up? I'm not really, its just the longer you spend in places like this the more you can see how unfairly all the money is distributed grrr.

Now the room is a more bearable 21 degrees Sonny's starting to feel a little better. He's having what I can only rather quaintly describe as 'little episodes'. Its just up to the people with the petri dishes to see if they can grow something...

Meanwhile if Sonny and I could go on holiday I think we'd be happy in Eastbourne. I'm knitting and the room he is in only has council tv so we've been actually looking forward to Countdown every afternoon. Today Sonny scored an impressive 41 having got the answer in the numbers round - clever clogs.


  1. oh Zoe I'd love to see you both in Eastbourne - Knitting now you are talking - I would advise to improve the mood what about little people? or teddies? etc we have found when you start to sew on the faces things do get quit silly! x

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  3. you should try knitting with two!
    hope you are well (not too weary of it all). you guys are strangers to me now but lots of love heading your way and positive anything you need.xxxxxX

  4. hey poppet - you may be grumpy but you're certainly not old....BTW - I always find 'flog it' very stimulating of an early arvo. love to you all xx

  5. knitting? Eastbourne? cardigans..so proud of you zo!!!!!!!!! sending you loads of love huggles and anything else i can think of, giv those georgous kids a hug from seaford.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx L.C.H.L.L.O