Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Zoe: Bit of a blow

Yesterday was a day of shocks. Despite spending the weekend trying to prepare ourselves and knowing that bone marrow was always going to be on the table it still felt like a hammer blow. After receiving the disappointing news about how useless the chemo has been we were then told that Sonny had flu - Para flu to be exact (never heard of it, nor had we). Anyway, he needs to get rid of this before we can start treatment and it helps to explain the high temperatures he's been getting. As we all know, there is no magic medicine for flu. The great thing about being here however, is that there are specialists in absolutely every area of medicine and when you need them they are there. This afternoon a lovely lady arrived today to help clear the infection from Sonny's lung - he's blowing down a tube into some water to make him cough.

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  1. It was lovely seeing you and Ruby today Zoe, fingers crossed xx love to Sonny too xx