Thursday, 15 April 2010

Gavin: Bloody hell

We talk about Sonny's bloods a lot and the effects they have on him when they drop. So, to give you an idea of what that really means, here's another handy cut out and keep guide for you all:

HB (Haemoglobin)- takes oxygen around the body. Normal level is 11-13, under 7 and Sonny will need a transfusion
WBC (White Cells) - fight infection. Normal level is 5-10
Nuetrophils - fight bacterial infections. Normal level is 1.5-6, below 0.75 is Neutropenia (scary time)
Platelets - clots blood. Normal level is 150-400, less than 10 needs a platelet transfusion.
To give you an idea of how blood is affected by chemotherapy as it does it's job, here's his last few results:

Suffice to say, he feels rubbish. His temperature is teetering at 37.9º (two temps over 38º in 4 hours and we're off to the Witt). Bloods have been ordered for tomorrow and he's going in to have a transfusion there anyway as the pattern shows he's heading downwards. Hopefully only as a day patient as we're all really enjoying having him here for such a long time.
Fingers crossed, eh.

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