Sunday, 11 April 2010

Gavin: Cleared for take off

Another great day at Anderson towers saw us go to IKEA twice (me once, Zo to get what I'd missed), Wickes twice (me once, Zo to get what I'd underestimated), Ruby's dance, Tesco's and finally the Tip to take away all the stuff we cleared out of the garden (not much then, you've seen the size of it). Amongst all this, Sonny managed to make his first Airfix model and I think he's done a bloody good job to be honest. His blood results came in this afternoon and although he's 'hovering' on the edge of a transfusion, he feels great and is well chirpy. Things may 'crash' soon and we'll 'fly' to hospital but at the moment it's 'chucks away'. Haha, that's brilliant. I really am good at this aren't I?


  1. You certainly are Gavin!! Just to let you know that its my 200 length swimathon at the end of this week and very happy to have raised almost £300!! Wondering if I'll have shoulders left by the end of it!!!
    Love to you all
    Rachel xxxx

  2. Also, great that you are all having such a good time at the mo and that you are feeling so good Sonny!! xx

  3. Also just to say its great to hear that you are all having fun at the mo and that you are feeling so good Sonny xx

  4. Hi Sonny was so lovely to see ya yesterday missed u so much . Im so proud of u how well u are doing . Hope u like your arsenal top and your book .Hope to see you soon love u lots . Hi Ruby was lovely to see u to hope u liked your presents . You have grown up so much im very proud of you to your dancing is amazing keep the good work up . Luv ya both so much im always here for u both if u need anything lots of luv always soulla xxxxxxxxx