Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Gavin: TV Dramas

Before I start this post, Sonny is great. He seems to be coping really well this time around on the chemo and, although the old favourites of tiredness and being off his food are prevalent, he's really good. I say that in advance because we had a really odd night of TV watching 'Great Ormond Street' on iplayer and I didn't want my own thoughts to get in the way of what's really important here; You guys reading about how he's doing.
So, I say odd because I couldn't quite work out how I felt about the whole thing. On one hand it was desperately sad and depressing. On the other, we realised the extent to which Sonny has been discussed about in the MDT meetings and everything they're doing (consulting with Europe for instance) to resolve his situation. It was equally strange from a familiarity point of view. Hearing the bleeps of machines made us twitch and we knew everything from the corridors they were taking patients down to who was lying in one of the new green beds.
Perhaps the biggest issue for us tonight was the consent forms. We've signed 16 for Sonny now, ranging from biopsies and bone marrow aspirates to simply giving chemo. Each comes with a list of side effects such as brain damage and kidney failure and is delivered in a separate room by your team who explain it all in that head tilted, grave low voice fashion. We take it in turns to sign them in a sort of consent form roulette... if it's not your turn to sign then nothing will happen obviously.
More harrowing by far was watching Arsenal getting trounced by Barcelona. I appreciate how flippant that sounds, but I've obviously lost some sort of compassionate edge and am therefore comfortable saying stuff like that. Or maybe I'm just more cross that we lost than I thought. Who knows...

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