Sunday, 18 April 2010

Gavin: Same old, same old

Sonny is really chirpy between a couple of decent temperatures. It's obvious that he has some sort of infection but we're confident that, as usual, it's neither serious or a return of the cancer. Why we think this I don't know, but after 8 months I suppose we understand the subtle differences in how he reacts to these incidents. When we started all this, we were told we would be seeing a lot of our local. We smugly said 'I think you'll find our son isn't one of these sickly children'. It goes to show that without an immune system, anything can find it's way into him and, despite the terrible food, TV and camp beds, it really has become our second home. Sonny had screaming back pain this afternoon that reduced him to tears which coincided with finding out the Arsenal result. I'm not saying he made it up, but I think it was a release of frustration calcified by throwing away a two goal lead. Or maybe he's just fed up with the whole thing. I don't think anyone would blame him.

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