Monday, 26 April 2010

Gavin: The news

We met with our consultant today who explained the cancer had returned. This means Sonny will now undertake a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. The cancer is spreading to other parts of his body and this, coupled with the fact that he is now the only child in Europe to have relapsed under relapse treatment means he has a huge mountain to climb. Although we felt we were prepared for this news, it's been a huge shock as Sonny was doing so well. We will prepare ourselves as best we can and tackle this as we always have with the unwavering belief that Sonny will make a full recovery.


  1. We are SO sorry to hear the news and if there is ANYthing we can do we are here thinking of you all x x x Emily has a few things for Sonny she wants to give him and say hello. Hopefully we can do that Sonny x x

  2. With you guys all the way on that last line Gav. We're all here for you guys come rain or shine, if you need anything at all don't think twice about calling us night or day.
    Big Love
    Mark n Didee

  3. thinking of you all the time, wish there was more that we could do. love you all loads.claire and family.xxxxxxx