Saturday, 17 April 2010

Gavin: spoke too soon...

We're back in the Wittington after Sonny's temperature wouldn't settle all day and eventually spiked at around 7. Antibiotics have started so it will be a few days before they find nothing and we can go home. I should have known we'd be admitted as Arsenal are on the telly tomorrow and there's no SKY here.


  1. Dear all - we've just got back from a week in Devon and really sorry to hear that Sonny's back in the whit. you seem to have had the most amazing week last week tho which is brilliant and as you say, better to focus on those positives than anything else. here's to loads more arty fartiness. xxx

  2. Glad you missed that game ! in fact I hope you've missed the last couple!!

    Lots love M D L & S X

  3. Dear Andersons
    So glad the holidays have coincided with some sunny days, so lovely to see you having days out together.
    Sending/willing get better quickly vibes up Holloway Rd so your Whitt stint is just a short one.
    Lots of Love Clare H & B