Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Zoe: Renally Retentive

When Sonny went to bed last night he had a tiny cold sore on his lip. This is because he's stopped a medicine to give his kidneys a rest. This caused a minor panic at 10pm as although pretty harmless to you and I he doesn't have the defence system yet to fight these blighters off and seeing as they are really good friends with herpes we decided to bother the on call registrar at GOSH. Poor lady had never heard of Sonny (who is she?) but we  agreed that it was ok to dab a bit of zovirax on it that I had hanging around in an old box full of plasters and cream for bee stings. Sonny woke up this morning looking like he'd been in a boxing ring. His eyes and lip were really swollen. It wasn't until I checked the tube of zovirax that I noticed it expired in 2007.

Anyhows, the cream might not be to blame as his feet were pretty swollen too and his weight had gone up by a couple of kilos which means he's retaining fluid due to low albumin because of all the protein being lost through his kidneys. With all this in mind and the fact that he also needed more platelets today he's off to GOSH tomorrow to get checked out by their renal team. Oh good, new people.

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