Thursday, 28 April 2011

Gavin: Who's that good looking young man?

Jack Wilshere, possibly the most exciting talent in football today came to see Sonny this afternoon. It was all a bit overwhelming for Sonny, who had lots of questions ready but couldn't quite get them out. Jack was a very lovely lad who, even when relegated to Sonny's third favourite Arsenal player behind Robin and Nas, immediately tweeted the picture and added 200 followers to Sonny in about an hour. He's so going in my fantasy team at the weekend.
The rest of the day saw Sonny remaining stable and despite everything, has moments of being chatty and funny. None of us, including the consultants, have any real idea of what's going on but it's fair to say it's not good. We're being led by him and making sure he's as happy and comfortable as possible.
If any other Arsenal players are reading, feel free to drop in. It was a better medicine than his err, medicine.

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