Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Zoe: Better safe than sorry

As I was gazing at Sonny's beautifulness yesterday I noticed that his eyes looked really strange. One pupil was absolutely huge, taking up the whole of his eye and the other was the size of a tiny pin prick. Following this TTP blood disorder we'd been told to bring him in immediately if we noticed anything strange. We'd had a nod and wink about a famous young footballer visiting the hospital today and dangling this huge tasty carrot he agreed to go in for a quick once over on his one day off from treatment this week. Needless to say everyone went into overdrive when we pitched up and the day went from bad to worse when he got the news that the footballer had tripped over his laces in training and wouldn't be coming after all. An emergency CT scan showed nothing so plans were then made to keep him in for observation overnight as the neurological team weren't happy about letting him go home.  By this time it was early evening and an already heartbroken Sonny flipped out and poor old Ruby who'd been patiently waiting throughout the whole drama started to loose it too as we'd originally planned to be spending the day celebrating a friends birthday. My protests fell on deaf ears but luckily the cavalry arrived in the shape of Gav who managed to get the on call neurological consultant to agree to let him home based on the fact that nothing had changed for the worse in 7 hours and on the proviso he was back first thing so he could have an emergency MRI scan of his head and eyes. This scan was also negative which was a huge relief as he's got to have his PET scan at UCH tomorrow to see how he's doing following the radiotherapy. What with his body chomping through platelets at an extraordinary rate, high blood pressure and low hb, we seem to be lurching from one disaster to the next at the moment so some good news will be gratefully received.

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