Thursday, 7 April 2011

Zoe: Long and the short of it

Sonny spent 8 hours at GOSH today. An hour was spent with actual medical types and the remaining time was spent waiting to see what they thought. The good news is that his kidneys are functioning well. The bad news is that he's got to back tomorrow. Actually, its not that bad as they are at the very least concerned that he's getting the level of care he deserves but he's cross and fed up with it all and would rather not be there at all.


  1. the good news is very good but 8 hours hanging around is enough to drive anyone bonkers. Sonny if you can use your ipad take a look at these apps that Louis into at the moment - Pocket God, Paul, Talking Carl and Chalkboard stunts xxxxx

  2. It's all about Fruit Ninja!!! Nx