Sunday, 3 April 2011

Zoe: Mother of all Sundays

Before all this we'd never been a couple thats been comfortable acknowledging popular rituals (we only had 4 people at our wedding) and Mother's Day has certainly never been high on my agenda. However this year I'm properly converted. We're home and despite a crazy blood situation Sonny was well enough to enjoy a proper family day out. Call it Mothers Day, call it what you like but we went out for ice cream, a whistle stop trip to the Foundling Museum c/o Jacqueline Wilson's Hetty Feather followed by a hilarious historical mystery guide to London road trip narrated by Gavin finished off with dinner at our local Italian. Perfetto.

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  1. sounds perfect. (apart from the trip to the Foundling hospital which is just plain wierd - Hetty Feather is THE most depressing childrens book in the world) (and btw thanks for reminding me we weren't invited to your wedding....)love you and your brood xxxxxx