Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Zoe: Deja vu

Sonny was transferred back to GOSH yesterday where a CT scan indicated a possible fungal infection in his lungs. This is not good news. His comfort is our number one priority but we reluctantly agreed to a small procedure this afternoon to remove some fluid from his lung to make his chest feel a little easier and to allow the fluid to be tested. Gavin and I are numb. Things seem to be tumbling like a deck of cards at the moment and we are being forced to confront some very difficult emotions while our gorgeous boy watches The Champions League.

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  1. Dear lovelies, that was so scary to read so living through it must have been mindblowingly awful. He has come back from these 'brinks' so many times and shown such resiliance - i've never known anyone like him. He occupies a huge space in our heads and hearts at the moment - a super super gorgeous boy xxx