Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Zoe: Testing times

Despite the CT scan being clear, Sonny's lovely stand in consultant (I really like her) wants to make absolutely sure that everything really is ok before either continuing with the chemo next week or giving him the cells from the donor which were harvested today and should arrive in the country tomorrow. So today he had a simple X ray of his chest to make sure it was safe for him to have a general for his lumber puncture procedure. The matter of fact way in which we approach procedures like this these days is beginning to get to me but luckily Sonny is as super as ever. He went down very relaxed chatting about Arsenal and woke up chatting about how he'd buy us a box when he was playing for them and his birthday plans and didn't stop for about 2 hours. Its going to be quite some event I tells ya. Just an MRI of his head to rule out anything else nasty tomorrow and we should be able to put this week behind us.

He's knee deep in Lego and loving it. Thank you everybody x

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