Friday, 19 November 2010

Gavin: Stand up, if you hate cancer...

Sorry... what was that? You're wondering what we're doing for Sonny's party tomorrow night? Well, it's 10.50pm and we've just finished making a cake that looks a bit like a gun, Zo's been to the National Army Museum (N.A.M) for party bag gifts and the lovely Ocado man has delivered 78 bags of crisps and a packet of hot dogs.
It's a big day tomorrow for many reasons. Sonny's bloods are at their lowest so he went to the Shittington for a quick tranfusion tonight to get him feeling better for his party. He takes the second part of his Entrance Exam in the morning and more importantly, The Mighty Arsenal take on Tottenham at Midday.
Interestingly, Tottenham are quite like his illness. An ever present annoyance that won't seem to go away how ever many times you beat it.
The new cells go in next week. We're hoping for a Van Persie hat trick rather than a Ledley King*

*Mum, that means we're really hoping for a great result rather than them not working properly despite being quite important in the big scheme of things.

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  1. Hurray for Mum's everywhere as I was wondering big time too!!!