Saturday, 6 November 2010

Zoe: How much!?

Sometimes during periods of quiet reflection I often wonder just how much all Sonny's treatment is costing the good ship NHS. I got a tiny insight today when I went to the chemist today to collect a repeat prescription for Sonny. Despite having it for a few days our busy GP hadn't managed to fax it over. The pharmacist was really nice about it and said that she'd let me have an emergency supply to tide him over. Only she couldn't as is wasn't a stock item and did I know that each tablet is £200? He takes three of these particular ones every day - you do the maths. To finish the story we tracked some down to The Whittington who pulled out all the stops to help me but hilariously the pharmacist there couldn't let me go until she'd also told me how much they were. I gave her a 'big purple one' by way of a hasty thank you banking on the fact she wouldn't have been 'avin it large' in 1989 and shouldn't see the irony.

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