Sunday, 21 November 2010

Gavin: The War of the Roses, Celebrations and Quality Street

It was Sonny's party last night which went pretty well I reckon. Seven boys with large plastic guns setting up and attacking base camps, then frantically running round collecting the 1p bullets in case they lost any. Luckily, all Sonny's friends are lovely boys, so there were no tears, no tantrums and no vomming after too much cake. He had a great time and despite only getting four hours sleep seems very perky today. It also capped off an amazing performance from The Mighty Arsenal who, despite being two goals down at half time, 'outgunned' Tottenham to win 3-2 at The Emirates. That will put a serious dent in their aspirations to finish in the top four this year I can tell you.

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  1. Ha! Christ! What a lucky boy - I think I'd be having kittens with that many armed peskies in da house. Nice one for being the best parents EVER!! XXx