Monday, 15 November 2010

Gavin: Happy Birthday Nanny

Sonny endured the drudgery of chemo today but was brightened up by Nanny and Da coming up to visit for her birthday today and cooking us all our tea (which was very kind considering it was her special day). Ruby is still struggling to sleep (can't remember if you all know this), so went to bed with some special CD's that are meant to help. They do seem to have worked despite us both giggling at the "you're falling asleep under the finest silk sheets" line on track one. "You're falling asleep under IKEA’s finest" would be perhaps be more appropriate but hey ho. Anyway, this is all pretty dull so here's a picture of the kids toasting marshmallows over a tea light (IKEA again) as I couldn't be bothered to make a fire for them. I'm not sure why Ruby looks like a prisoner in a Texas jail, but dang girl, that hair be banging.


  1. Hi Ruby - I don't know if you've tried this but sometimes I use a 'sleep mist' to help me go to sleep! its a spray that smells like your nans knicker drawer - lavender - but its lovely and seems to work. you can get some from the champneys range in Sainos. Good luck home girl xxx

  2. PS - toasting marshmallows over tealights? sounds a bit too much like your indoor fireworks Gav....xxxxxxx

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