Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gavin: ICU

Sonny remains in ICU where his breathing is assisted by a machine. He's stable, but asleep all of the time so it's difficult to tell if he's making any progress. Tomorrow some decisions will be made around what next steps the teams think are appropriate. Tonight, we hang on in there.


  1. we are all hanging on in there with you, sending you lots of love, claire B. xxxxxxx

  2. We are thinking of you all the time and send love and "get better" vibes.sue,Philip,Olivia and rosa.xxxxx

  3. Thinking about you guys all the time, all our love and hope is with you. Keep hanging on.
    XXXXXXXXX Mark and Didee and Gabie XXXXXXXXX

  4. Thinking of you all, get better Sonny. Lots of love, The Dixons x

  5. He is a incredible brave kid,a hundred times stronger than when I was as the same age as he is.

    There is an end for everyone, he had a regret-less ,passionate life even thought it is a short one.

    Thoughts of every single person on 3rd floor is with you and Zoe at this time of writing.

    My heart organ is not too well, if one day I passed I will find Sonny and play with him~

  6. What a wonderful, handsome, smart and charismatic boy he was. And what a good job you've got the hearts of lions, you magnificent Andersons. You're in our thoughts - Bill, Helen, Lauren and Noah xxxx

  7. Sonny was a wonderful boy who coped with his illness magnificently. And that was because of you. You gave him a fantastic life, right to the end. I can't begin to imagine how you're feeling now but I'm sending you all the strength and love I can. You're an amazing family. Love Jane x

  8. Inspirational, Charismatic, Brave, Strong, Handsome these are just a few of the words that we say of when we think of all of you.'Heart of Lions'...i like that! What a wonderful way to decribe you as a family. THANYOU for the privilege of allowing us to be part of yours and sonnys life through this blog, when it hasnt been possible to see you. We love you with all our hearts, think of you eveyday and will do so for ever. Much love and hugs and thoughts, Claire, Lee, Hayley, Laura, Lucy and Olivia, XXXXXX

  9. i'm so sorry, what a hard couple of years for sonny and your family, i can only say you all have been fantastic, lots of love springer xx

  10. He was an amazing boy who fought a very brave battle. Words can't describe him. Our thoughts are with you Olivia xx

  11. Unfortunately I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Sonny, when he and Ruby were down staying with Paul a few years ago, my children Oliver and Madeline met them when they all took the dogs for a lovely walk.

    Chris gets the train to London with Paul everyday, and we have all been following Sonnys ups and downs.

    There will be nothing I can say right now that will make you guys feel any better and I am not going to try, all I would like to say is how inspirational you have ALL been, Sonny for fighting so hard and you guys for allowing us all to be a part of this incredibly tough journey you have all been through.

    Wishing you all lots of love and hugs - if there is any truth in angels, then Sonny is with them now and his much loved grandad.

    Thinking of you all tonight.

    Sara,Chris,Oliver and Madeline xxxxxx

  12. Devastating news. My heart goes out to you all. No words will ever be right for the heartbreak you are feeling but as others have said, Sonny was an amazing boy, a true inspiration to all and he had amazing parents who despite their own desperate turmoil, kept us informed thro good times and bad. This is all such little comfort now, but I pray you can draw on the same inner strength you so consistently displayed, to carry you forward each day. Sleep in peace Sonny x

  13. The sunniest little boy ever, you must all be so proud. He was a little gem who was sooooo loved. We are just so sorry....thinking of you all.
    Much love Rach, Andrew, Eva and Maya xxxx

  14. So sorry, thinking of you all.
    Claire & Simon Jenkins

  15. I never met Sonny but can feel his spirit through these pages. Sometimes people who walk on this earth leave a real imprint. It sounds like he was one of those people. His characteristics may have come from nature or nuture, but either way it's thanks to you, as his (clearly brillant) parents.

  16. Sending the biggest hugs to you all at this incredibly sad time. What a brave little fighter he was. Be strong little Ruby. You were a baby when I used to see you and Sonny for fun play times with friends and nannies. Lots of love and prayers to you all x xx x

  17. Our thoughts are with you all at this sad time. I will always cherish the times we spent together when i was your nanny. Sonny sleep tight sweetheart, you will always be in our hearts.
    Zoe and Gavin you are both amazing parents and we are so sorry to hear such devastating news.
    Love to you all, kelly, adrian and girls xxx

  18. Thinking of you all at this sad time.
    Justin & Sarah Evans

  19. Now God wanted a football match
    And to play it up in heaven
    But first he needed players
    And select his first eleven.
    Georgie Best, George Armstrong
    The legend Dixie Dean
    Alan Ball and Bobby Moore
    All made it in the team.
    He needed one more player
    Someone who would be quick
    From up above he looked down
    And saw Sonny there in his kit.
    So Sonny was taken up above
    God took him by the hand
    To play the game he loved so much
    Where sponsorship is banned
    There is no cheating either as
    God is the referee
    There are no mega wages
    And the transfers they are free.
    The games are live on telly
    You don’t have to subscribe
    The players all stay on their feet
    ‘Cos no one takes a dive.
    So Sonny plays now so happily
    To the angels in the crowd
    And every time he hits the net
    They roar his name so loud.
    Hve fun little red boy
    You’re safe and in God’s care
    ‘Till it’s time for us to get our boots
    And join you up there.

  20. Thinking of you.

    All our love

    Fergal, Aoife, Niamh, Rory, Jackie and Jeremy

  21. My hearts goes out to all of you. RIP Sonny xxx

  22. We are so numb and so sad, we really never thought this day would come. We have never met Sonny but he has become part of our lives - he has been the bravest little boy ever and a complete inspiration, as have you all. We send all our love to you Gav, Zoe and Ruby and all our thoughts and prayers at this saddest time. Mark, Paula, Tom & Finn xxx

  23. So so sorry to hear
    You are very much in our thoughts
    Kate Simon Gabe and Hamish Miller xxx

  24. Thinking of you and sending all our love.....
    Gaynor, Liam, Kira and Josie xxxxx

  25. I have been feeling numb every since I took the call, I am so so sorry and sad for Gav, Zoe and Ruby.I spent many happy hours with Sonny mostly either at Arsenal or at their house watching Arsenal. They are such an amazing family and Sonny was such a fantastic and amazing lad, his knowledge of football was second to none and his fighting spirit was incredible.. never once over the last year and a half did he want to talk about his illness to me, he just wanted to talk about the game and if we were going to win. It has been such a privilege to know not only Sonny but the whole family, I can genially say my life has been enriched by knowing them all.. I will say a little prayer for you all tonight as you are and will remain in my thoughts.. your friend Andy Tribe x x x

  26. I am so very very sorry for your incredible loss. I am overcome with sadness and can't begin to imagine what you have been through these years with this disgusting illness. What a brave young man you had in your sonny. I was sent a message tonight about Sonny and I have read your blog tonight and am in awe of all four of you. What courage and strength, what an amazing battle. I am so sorry for your loss and although it has been a long time since we've been in touch, I am sending you all my love from Sydney and hope that you continue to find the strength to see each other through this time. Simonne. xx