Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Gavin and Zoe: A little more detail

We appreciate there are some questions people will have about Monday's arrangements but don't feel appropriate to ask. So, in the style of how we've run this blog (and because Sonny wouldn't want any stone unturned) here's a list of things that will hopefully answer anything you've been thinking about:

We will arrive at the church at 11.45am with Sonny.

What to wear:
Anything you like really. We'll obviously be in black so whatever you think is appropriate. We'd like the kids to wear their football shirts if possible and, as I explained to a worried Jude last night, there's no way you'd have got Sonny in an Everton shirt if the shoe was on the other foot so it's important he wears the team he supports. The more flags and Arsenal tat the better.

At the church there will be 25 all day permits that you can collect which will permit you to park in residents bays around the church and at our house. We'd encourage people to get cabs etc. where possible as on the day I think they'll be plenty of car sharing.

Please feel free to bring anything round in advance but bear in mind our crappy designer fridge is tiny so we can't keep anything fresh. As always at the Anderson's, you'll be well looked after.

The Burial:
This is probably the biggest thing, but one we really don't want people to worry about. Zoe summed it up nicely today by saying that 'anyone who had eaten out of our fridge or ever drunk our beer could come to the graveside'. To be honest, there's no right or wrong. If you feel you want to be there then come, this situation is so extraordinary no one know's how you'll feel on the day and Sonny certainly wouldn't want anyone to feel awkward. The only thing I would say is that It's going to be extremely sad.
After the service (which Ruby is calling the After Party) everyone is welcome back at the house and someone will be here from around 1.30pm with pots of tea at the ready. Again, if you're not going to the burial you may think it's more appropriate to go for a drink so we're back before you. The point is it really won't matter on the day, do what you think is right for you, us and Sonny. 

It goes without saying that these days are very hard. Everyone has supported us hugely and been incredibly kind. There will be things I'm sure we'd love to say on the day but won't have the chance. So it seems appropriate, through the blog that kept everyone involved, to thank you one and all. 

Sonny would have been proud (if a little cross at the attention). x


  1. I will bring the people carrier, it takes 8 and I will happily ferry around those who need it.

  2. Myself and the boys are with you 1000% today but not in person due to geographical epic failure. Much love <3 xxxxxxxx

    “The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.” My thoughts are with you and Sonny. Always. You are so strong and the best memories so beautiful.